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June 16, 2015

The “Circus,” which emanates joy, thrills, and amazing acts performed by wild animals to thrill the unassuming public is one of the culprits of breeding the exotic animals to entice the public to “come to the ‘Circus’ to see elephants doing amazing stunts, the big cats, lions and tigers, jumping through enflamed hoops” and other antics they would never do in the wild.

The “Circus” has been the biggest clog in the wheel of the passage of the “Federal Bill to Ban the Breeding of the Exotic Feline for Personal Possession” and it is powerful!

We have been sold a bill of goods by “Circus” PR departments. They tell us “The animals are so happy in the ‘Circus’, we take pride in their care.” These are out and out lies!!!!

Have you ever seen an elephant in the wild sit up, stand on her/his head, do a dance routine? Never!  It is mandated by “Circus” trainers who beat the animals with electric prods, and bull hooks, yelling foul language at the animals. They are in training to teach the animals to “Do as I...@#%&…tell you to do!” They are chained, beaten, demeaned and broken in spirit to do these insulting acts.  Travel in trains and trucks with no air conditioning results in many deaths and illnesses. They will, and do retaliate, becoming extremely uncontrollable and violent!

All of the “Circuses,” every one of them, have been documented and proven to treat the wild animals with extreme brutal abuse. They have access to large breeding facilities, which supply big cats to the circus and shows in the U.S. and the world over. The animals are nothing but a commodity to gain monetary wealth. Is this what we want our children to learn about wild animals?

As we look at all of the above treatment of Wild Animals in circuses and shows in the U.S., how do we look at the other way?

I can’t! I won’t! It is time for all of us who care about the beings on our planet and stop the atrocities perpetuated upon these magnificent wild animals. Let this be the end of over one hundred years of cruelty to these magnificent, highly intelligent animals who have been brutalized by humans who weren’t men enough to see them as thinking feeling beings!

The legislation to prevent these atrocities is imperative. Will anyone in our government stand beside me and the growing number of people demanding to stop Wild Animals from being abused in the circus? What kind of people are we to allow these atrocities!!!!! Do not be swayed by the slick talk of the circus rhetoric, with their hugely funded PR campaigns.

Now is the time to right this unconscionable wrong!!!

With respect for the Wild Ones….Everywhere!!!

Tippi Hedren
President -- The Roar Foundation
6867 Soledad Canyon Roar
Acton, California  93510

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