Am I being presumptuous? Are we becoming a part of a natural course of evolution that is occurring much faster than thought possible?
These predators we protect should not be born in this part of the world. If it were not for human domination, entertainment, or the absurd thought of them becoming the domestic cat, which is fantasy, they would not be.
Is it possible because of the economics of 2009 falling so low, the purchasing of exotic cats would be out of the question?
Problem solved?
Will a US Legislative Bill become needless?
Are my efforts in vain?
Need I battle the minions of the powerful to obtain mercy for wild beings born in a captive situation to serve the thoughtlessness of humans?
Shall I let it just go by and not put forth the effort?
But how many lives will be shattered, abused? There in lies the answer. Who knows!?
Thank you!!
We will proceed! Nothing will prevent this effort to stop the breeding and abuse of the magnificent exotic cat for human possession! No matter how long it takes!
Tippi Hedren
Photos by  Bill Dow  2018 The Roar Foundation
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