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The Roar Foundation is in the process of establishing a Priority Fund for our immediate needs. We have compounds that are in need of revamping. We currently have 52 cats living in 42 compounds on the preserve. Approximately half of our compounds have been upgraded and reworked. We have at least $200,000 worth of rework left on the remainder of the compounds.

We also have very fickle cottonwood trees that arbitrarily decide to fall on a whim or a fence. The trimming of just a handful at a time costs thousands of dollars.

One of the items we need is a "ranch truck". Nothing fancy, it just has to run. If you have an old small pick up truck that runs that you don't need we'd be thrilled to have it. It will never leave the preserve so all we need is the pink slip. It will be used for everything from hauling grass hay bedding from the dens, tree branches and just about anything we need to move. Another need is for a nice all-terrain vehicle.

We can always use building materials, hardware, lawn, garden and outdoor supplies and office equipment. We ask that all donated items be new. If you would like to donate to a specific project in this way, please call Chris Gallucci, VP of Operations at 661-268-0380 for the specific item's cost. We ask that you mark your check for the "Priority Fund". That way you can rest assured that every dollar you donate will go to the highest priority at the moment. With the economy at present, the priority simply may mean food (and lots of it) for the big cats, or it may mean a brand new truck or fencing needed for security.

Please make your check payable to The Roar Foundation.

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