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The Roar Foundation/Shambala Preserve office is constantly in need of supplies. If you want to help supply our office, when you come to the preserve please feel free to bring any of the following items:
White Copy Paper
Also, here is a special request from our President and founder Tippi Hedren:

I have a number of heroes in my life: doctors, pilots, educators,
authors . . . and I would now like to address another group: The Computer Nerds! I am so impressed with your knowledge, expertise, and patience!

I, at times, am shocked, startled, and dismayed by the language directed to several of the computers in our Roar Foundation office. It's quite a lambasting they receive!


It is with great confidence I approach my heroes in Computerland. You above all know the importance of having a computer powerful enough to handle complex tasks which are so crucial to accommodating the many programs vital to operating a 501 (c) (3), specifically, the Roar Foundation, of which I sit as its President.

Off the top of my head, I shall list a few of the tasks we do on our computers:

  • A database of thousands of members of the Roar Foundation mailing list.
  • Photographs of the Big Cats.
  • Adopt a Wild One Program.
  • Partners in Education Program
  • Roar Membership Program.
  • The Shambala Preserve web site.
  • Correspondence.
  • Accounting.
  • Email.
  • Maintaining animal records.
  • Designing graphics for signs and artwork.
  • Etc.!

May I ask you, my computer heroes, to help the Wild Ones of Shambala by putting into place several (or at least one!) state of the art screamers of computers? Brand new , never been used, beautiful, powerful computers!!

I'm going to hold my breath until I hear from you!

In the meanwhile, know that I admire you so much!

The Roar Foundation
Please remember that all gifts are charitable tax deductions. Call our office at 661-268-0380 for details.

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