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The recent fire that swept through the Acton area, known as the North Fire, really tested the fire control plan at Shambala.

Trudy Farley and Chris Gallucci immediately went into high gear and put the plan into action. Calls were made to bring in travel vehicles in order to evacuate the animals if necessary.

Dr. Martin Dinnes and Dr. Gay Naiditch, both veterinarians on the Board of the Roar Foundation, were on hand to protect and save the animals.

The Los Angeles County firefighters and the Forestry Department were able to prevent the fire from jumping Soledad Canyon Road, with the help of Mother Nature changing the direction of the wind just in time.

All of us at Shambala are so very grateful for the extremely brave, well-trained, dedicated firefighters who protected us.

What became very evident to us was that, although our plan is excellent and it worked this time, we desperately need to raise funds to build moving evacuation crates. The cost of steel has never been higher than it is right now. The prices we are getting are $1,000 to $1,500 apiece, and we will need as many as fifty. We will also need a new truck that will handle a trailer capable of hauling six of these crates. This is a huge priority for us, which I'm sure you will agree.

Please help us keep the Wild Ones of Shambala safe. Please send us your donation now, either online using Pay Pal (click on button below)

or by sending your check to:

The Roar Foundation
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Our sincere and warm thanks to everyone who came through for us.

With love for the Wild Ones of Shambala

Photos by  Bill Dow  2018 The Roar Foundation
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